Social media marketing is one of the most important forms of marketing these days. It is gaining more and more popularity every single day because of its immense potential to give a very satisfied return on investment.

The no. of social media users are increasing at a rapid pace and the people spend a lot of time on various popular social media platforms.

According to the statistic, there are around 2.4 billion social media users now, and that no. is expected to increase to 2.9 billion in 2019. The study shows that the marketers allocate around 12% of their marketing budget on social media marketing. Furthermore, this budget is expected to increase more shortly.

Despite the fact that there the various social media platforms provide an excellent chance of reaching a lot of potential customers, not all the marketers have been able to get a decent return from their social media marketing campaigns.

The marketers are not able to get a decent return either due to ignorance or a poor strategy.

Unwritten Rules of Social Media Marketing

People are used to various norms and regulations wherever they go. There are certain rules in social media marketing as well.

Some of you may be aware of some of the rules that are mentioned in this article while there may also be some rules you may not be aware of. These rules cannot be found in any books.

Those who have hired micro-influencers for their micro influencer marketing campaigns, they should consider informing them about these 11 unwritten rules, as these rules will also help them to better promote your brand. Here are the 11 unwritten rules of social media marketing.

1. Page Likes do not matter

There were times when the no. of likes on the page determined the reach of the page. The page likes show how many people are actually interested on the page.

However, the chances are that most of the people would not see the posts on the page despite the fact that they have liked the page. The Facebook is changing their algorithm to force the page administrators to pay for the reach.

The sponsored post is required to reach a larger no. of potential audiences than page likes. However, the intentional posts can help in increasing the reach and engagement on the posts. The social media influencers can also help the brands to significantly enhance their reach.

2. Auto DM to the people that follow your page

There are plenty of pages and accounts on social media platforms. And, it’s not an easy task to build an organic fan base on various social media platforms.

In order for the people to actually engage with the content, they must be interested in the content that the page has published.

You may have got an auto direct message from the pages that you followed in the past, and everyone on the social media platforms does this.

This helps to increase the engagement with your followers. It’s true that not everyone will respond to a direct auto message, but more than 50% of the people are likely to respond back.

3. Copy the tactics, but not the foundation

Many page administrations will share tips and strategies on their blogs. It’s possible to copy their tactics, but it’s not feasible for the people to copy their foundations that they have built for themselves.

It takes a lot of time to build the foundation, and those who have built the foundations have an unfair advantage over those who have no foundation at all.

4. Stop begging for likes, shares, and retweets

It’s important to create a great content to share on the social media pages and accounts. And, it is also necessary to get as much engagement as possible, but one cannot build a great business by begging others to like and share their content.

If the content is not getting a substantial no. of likes and shares, then it may be because the page is not either sharing a great content or the page is not reaching to the right audiences.

If the page is not getting enough likes and shares, try to reach out to the right audience with a great content, instead of begging because it won’t work at all.

5. Social media platforms are not built on egalitarian principles

The egalitarian principles sound good, but these laws are not applicable to the world of business and social media marketing.

Almost 99% of the pages have less than 10,000 likes on the Facebook. To build a large fan base, a page needs to earn it.

6. Not all buzz is same

There are many things that can create a buzz on the social media platforms, and most of them are not easily forgotten.

Being funny, criticizing, confronting something and other things could create a buzz. However, not all buzz is same. The bad buzz can haunt you down while real buzz can help your page to grow.

7. Larger noise indicates stronger signal

There is a greater noise level on social media platforms due to the low barrier to entry. This may seem bad, but it’s a good thing.

The consumers can filter the noise level. As a producer, the page administration immediately gets an unfair advantage with a stronger noise level.

8. Intentions matter more than actions

It’s important to be involved in social media platforms to get a better engagement. However, the intention behind publishing the posts matter more than actions because the intentions will be revealed in no time on the social media platforms.

The honest and good intention will help the page to thrive for a longer period of time.

9. Express yourself

The study shows that only around 20% of the Facebook posts get an emotional response. Extending your business pages to your personal account can help in building an emotional attachment with the fan base.

Use your personal account to share the content with your business page to make the posts more personal.

10. Know when to post

Every social media platform is unique, and one should know the correct time to post on each social media platform. Publishing the posts at a correct time immensely helps in increasing the reach and engagement.

11. Share>Comment>Likes

This is a simple rule, but the people often forget about it. The share has a greater value than comment and comment has a greater value than likes.


There are plenty of rules that are mentioned on the social media platforms on how to use that particular social media platform; however, we hardly find any person suggesting rules about social media marketing.

There are no specific strategies in marketing that guarantee success, but the rules mentioned in the above section of this article are pretty much accurate.

These rules are derived from observing the activities on the social media platforms for an extended period.

Following these social media marketing practices can help you to some extent to achieve a better result from your upcoming social media marketing campaigns.

The study shows that 71% of the customers who have had a pleasant social media experience with a brand are more likely to recommend that particular brand to others. Keep these 11 unwritten rules in mind to effectively market your brand on various social media platforms.